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CUCAS Services

University Application Service

Accommodation Booking Service

Airport Pick up service

Why choose CUCAS

  • Full free service to apply Chinese universities with no limit on application amount
  • More than 20,000 courses and 2,000 subjects to choose
  • 20 minutes to complete the online application
  • Professional consultants one-on-one service
  • Accommodation booking service

Value-added service

  • Chinese Online Study Point Card(worth $50)
  • Pick-up and registration service(Beijing only)

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  • DR ROWENA UNGEN: Through CUCAS' help, Rowena sat for the HPCSA board exam.
  • Prateeksha: I am the lucky winner of the CUCAS scholarship worth USD 2000. Look no further, take CUCAS!
  • Michael Payer: Through CUCAS's help, I've been accepted to BLCU and will start my studies by 2012/9/3.
  • Rudi Hickman: CUCAS makes it very easy for foreign students to apply online and allows them to check the status.

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BLCU students go around in Beijing

Full Free CUCAS Service From Jan 20th 2014!January.20

From January 20th 2014, CUCAS university application service will be free of charge with no application amount limited. Additionally, in return to be beneficial to our users for their long support and compliment, CUCAS now also starts to carry out some new policy to give our users award & discounts. Learn More>>

Welcome to CUCAS !

Please take 2 minutes to learn about CUCAS and our services. Whether you’re looking to earn a degree or just learn Chinese, CUCAS makes finding and apply for study programs in China simple.

Who is CUCAS?

  • The only officially authorized online application system for Chinese universities
  • We make it easy for international students enter China’s universities.

CUCAS Standard Services

Our all-inclusive Standard Services package helps international students apply to Chinese universities smoothly:
Online Application Services
CUCAS allows you to complete an application entirely online.
Admissions Offer Delivery Service
Free delivery of the acceptance letter of your choice via DHL. Subsequent acceptance letters will be sent by airmail.

CUCAS Supplementary Services

To better assist our applicant, we also provide the following complementary services
  • Email and Phone support in English
  • Study abroad planning
  • Information Retrieval
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Scholarship Opportunities

CUCAS Service Guarantee

  • One-to-One Consulting; Response within One Day
  • The free prices and the high quality service
  • Free Express Delivery of Admission Package

How does CUCAS charge?

CUCAS no longer charges any service fee since Jan 20th 2014.
  1. Each individual university you apply for will charge their own application fee, which CUCAS is authorized to collect on their behalf.

CUCAS Scholarships

All CUCAS applicants have the chance to win a variety of scholarships:

How to use CUCAS to apply

  • 1. Plan your study abroad experience
  • 2. Find a program or university
  • 3. Apply and track your application online
  • 4. Apply for a Chinese visa
  • 5. Book accommodation
  • 6. Get ready to come to China!

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