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Binzhou (simplified Chinese: 滨州; pinyin: Bīnzhōu) is a prefecture-level city in northern Shandong province. Sitting on the northern bank of the Yellow River with two arms extended to the southern bank, Binzhou borders the provincial capital of Jinan to the southwest. The city also has a short coastline bordering the Bohai Bay.


Geography Features and Brief History

Lying in the lower reaches of the Yellow River and the Lubei Plain, Binzhou is located at hinterland of the Yellow River Delta. Bordering the Bohai Sea to the north, Dongying to the east, Zibo to the south, Dezhou and Jinan to the west, Binzhou is Shandong's north gate.

Binzhou has a long history, which can be traced back to the Neolithic Age and was regarded as one of the cradles of the Yellow River Civilization and the Qi Civilization. In the Shang Dynasty, the kingdom of Pugu was founded here. And in the Qin Dynasty, the county was set. From the Western Han Dynasty to the Republic of China, kingdom, province, prefecture, circuit and other local administrative divisions were set here. During the Five Dynasties Period, Binzhou was established, whose name was derived from the fact that it was adjacent to the Bohai Sea.

In 1950, Huimin Region was set here which was then renamed Binzhou Region in 1992 and finally changed into Binzhou City after several reforms. Binzhou administers 7 counties and 1 district, which covers an area of 9600 square kilometers and has a population of 3.69 million.


Culture and Tourism

Binzhou is famous for its splendid traditional folk arts, such as Lu Opera originating from Boxing, HuJi Assembly, clay sculpture and wood engraving in Huimin, and Binzhou's artistic paper cutting, all of which are saturated with profound rural flavor and boast distinct artistic charm.

Binzhou is characteristic of simple folk customs and abundant personage. Hunmin County is the hometown of Sun Wu, a great ancient strategist. Zouping County is the hometown of Fan Zhongyan, a famous statesman in the Song Dynasty. Boxing County is the hometown of Dongyong, a famous dutiful son in the Han Dynasty, which is the cradle of the culture of Filial Piety. And Binzhou is the cradle of Chinese Liu Opera. During the times of war and revolution, CPC Agency in Bohai Region was situated here.


Development of Binzhou Today

In 2008, the city's gross production was 123 billion RMB, rising by 12.7%; the urban per capita disposable income was 15960 RMB, increasing by 14.9%; while rural farmers' per-captia income was 5700 RMB, increasing by 14.3%. The city's gross agricultural production is 24billion RMB, increasing by 5%. Value-added of large-scale industries is 66.06 billion RMB, increasing by 13%. Great progress has been made in opening up to the outside. The total volume of imports and exports will reach 4.62 billion dollar, increasing by 37.5%; among which, the volume of export will be 2.32 billion dollar, increasing by 23.2%. And 0.3 billion dollar of foreign investment has been utilized, increasing by 19.4%.

Binzhou's industries are developing rapidly. Clusters of industries such as textile, home-textile and garment, salt and chemical complex, auto, engine and parts, ship building and ship part building, airplane and airplane parts building, electronic information, rice, oil, fruit and vegetable product processing, biological engineering, modern service industry and infrastructures began to take shape. The goal of “Auto to the roads, Ship to the sea and Airplane to the sky” has basically been realized, and the three dimensional high-tech industrial frames of land, sea and sky is being formed. Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Befar Group Co., Ltd. are listed in the China's Top 500 Enterprises. Major economic indicators of Mengwei Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have ranked first in China for nineteen years in a row. Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group Co., Ltd is among the first batch of environmental-friendly enterprises and the first "Green Chemical Industrial Enterprise". Now, Binzhou has 6 listed companies, raising 5.92 billion RMB of funds. Among these, 2 were listed abroad, raising 0.489billion dollar of funds and ranking first in Shandong Province.

Visit Binzhou Municipal Government website for more other information.

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