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Study In China Private Universities

Study In Private Universities
Private schools, also known as non-governmental, or nonstate schools, are not administered by local, state or national governments but managed by people or non-governmental organization; thus, they retain the right to select their students and are funded in whole or in part by charging their students tuition, rather than relying on mandatory taxation through public (government) funding; at some private schools students may be able to get a scholarship, which makes the cost cheaper, depending on a talent the student may have (e.g. sport scholarship, art scholarship, academic scholarship), financial need, or tax credit scholarships that might be available. There are over 300 private universities in China.
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Study In China Public Universities

Study In Public Universities
Public school in China mainly refers to a government or governmental agency provided money, various management fee and the teacher’s salaries for the school. Many universities in China is Public university like Peking university, Tsinghua University and so on. There are over 1500 Public Universities.
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In China, to some degree, University could divide into two kinds of type from the nature of the university. It is commonly considered that public universities were processed by the nation and the fees of managing the university were supplied by nation while the private university which means the university was controlled by the people,organizations and other non-national organizations who provided the money for the operation of university. Up to the year of 2011, there are about 380 Private colleges and universities announced in China, over 1500 Public colleges and universities.
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