Bachelor Degree

Bachelor’s degree is always earned for an undergraduate course of study that nominally requires four years of study in China, in some courses, the time of acquiring the bachelor degree may be shorten. Generally, the bachelor’s degree include different disciplines.
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Master Degree

Master’s degree is an academic degree granted to individual who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery or high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. This degree is located between the bachelor’s degree and doctor’s degree. Generally, students who want to get this degree in China will take different times according to the disciplines he applied,the normal period of get Master degree is two to five years.
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PHD Degree

PHD degree is the highest academic level who showed the people who bears this title has reached the highest professional knowledge level. Generally, it’s hard to get this degree, students need pay more times and energies to do some reach in order to finish it . Normally, getting this degree will take about over three years in China.
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Associate Degree

Associate Degree is different with the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PHD degree.Generally, Associate Degree is mainly composed by School of Higher Professional Technology and higher technical college, many times students who want to get this degree will take three years in China.
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About Physics

The Physics program reaches a total enrollment of 16000 to 18000 in China with a male to female ratio of 64% to 36%. In order to help the international students with their Physics study in China, the Physics program sets up a series of well-designed courses such as computational physics, structure and physical properties, materials physics, materials design and preparation, materials analysis, introduction to leading physics development and so on to develop the competence of students in actual work.
After graduates of the Physics program, they either go on with their further studies or obtain lots of employment opportunities relating to Physics including research in the leading science, teaching in universities, related work in enterprises, institutes and so on. economic administrations such as finacial sector, tax department and etc.,major banks and securities companies, accounting firms, finacial sectors in enterprises and institutions, finacial report sectors in newpaper offices, universities and research instititions.
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