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Study in Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages
Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages
School Level: Ordinary
School Category: Language
School Attribute: Public
School Location: Suburb

  • Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages (HIFL) is a public institution providing a high quality education, with a strong emphasis on foreign languages instruction, professional skills, employment and careers.

  • Now, the college has developed 1 State-level model course, 5 province-level model courses, 30 college-level model courses, and 1 province-level model major — Business English.

  • The institute has attached much importance to improvement of academic research and innovation ability, and advocated teachers to explore in education.

  • These years, the employment rate steadily stands above 90%.

  • The institute has proactively pursued international exchanges and co-operations and has signed college-to-college cooperation agreements with colleges from different countries.

Study in HIFL

Introduction of Language

A language university in China helps international students to learn Chinese and enable Chinese students to learn foreign languages in China. As China continues to develop, more and more international students would like to learn Chinese. China has established many language universities and about 457 Confucius Institutes around the world to spread Chinese culture and language around the word. Some popular language universities in China are: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Shanghai International Studies University.
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