China Youth University of Political Studies (CYU), located in Beijing, is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League. Top-ranking statesmen such as President Hu Jintao and Vice Premier Li Keqiang have served as the university’s president. CYU offers 13 undergraduate and 15 graduate programs and comprises 13 academic departments and centers, such as, Youth Work Department, Social Work School, Department of Economics, Department of Law, Department of Journalism, Department of Public Administration, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and Department of Foreign Languages. Currently, the university has 5,081 full time students, including around 200 international students.

Honors and Awards:

Master of Economics in World Economy: The program aims to produce high level professional talents who master the basic theories of economics, the world economics and have good research ability, as well as the ability of economic management or administrative management so that they can engage in teaching, scientific research and business management. Students will complete course study in about 1.5 years and have 1 year to engage in thesis wring and internship.

The program is currently taught in Chinese language and will offer English-taught courses from 2017.

Excellent Freshman Scholarship will cover the first year tuition. From the second year on, students can apply for Excellent Student Scholarship: excellent students can get the scholarship every year.

The Intensive Chinese Language Program aims to help students improve Chinese comprehensive skills in a short period through intensive courses and tutoring sessions. There are 30 class hours per week, including 2 Chinese cultural classes. In addition, the school offers “1:2” tutoring sessions (one Chinese tutor helps two foreign students practice Chinese) twice a week for free.

Program Highlights:

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