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Zhejiang Normal University

Master of Applied Psychology scholarship

- Program Information

Starting Date: Sep 10,2019

Degree: Master

Duration: 2 Years

Teaching Language: Chinese

Tuition Fee: RMB 22,000 Per Year

- Scholarship Coverage

The Class A Scholarship sponsors students at a rate of 30,000 RMB/person/year.
The Class A Scholarship sponsors excellent international students pursuing a master’s degree or above in Zhejiang Province. The scholarship should be used to cover registration fee, tuition fee, fee for basic learning materials, accommodation fee and serious disease and accident insurance.

- You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)

Tuition: 18,800 0
Accommodation: 0
Living Expense: About 1500/month

- Eligibility

1.Applicant for master’s degree program should have obtained the bachelor’s degree or equivalent education, get recommendation letters from 2 professors/assistant professors and be under the age of 35.
2.Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.
3.Applicants should comply with the laws and regulations in China, and comply with the rules and disciplines in the host HEIs.
4.Applicants should have a good academic record which is among top of the class.
5.Applicant should NOT be awarded with other Chinese Government Scholarships of all levels.

- Documents You Need to Provide

1.Photocopy of valid passport
2.Passport photo
3.Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship application form
4. Highest diploma (original or notarized photocopy): Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
5. Academic transcripts (original or notarized photocopy): Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
6. A study or research plan. All applicants are required to submit a study or research plan. It must be in Chinese or in English and no less than 800 words.
7. Recommendation letters: Applicants for postgraduate studies must submit two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors.
8. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (The original copy should be kept by the applicant.). The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Please select the appropriate time to take medical examination as it is valid for only 6 months.
9. HSK (the Chinese Proficiency Test) Certificate. Applicants for English-taught programs must submit proof of English Language proficiency.
10. Application form for admission.

- Faqs

Q: If I failed to get the scholarship, is the money refundable?
A: No, because the application process for this scholarship is complicated and hard to deal with. We need a very long time to help you apply it. As a result, it is not refundable.

Q: When can I know the result whether I get the scholarship or not?
A: Generally, the result will come out around mid-February for Spring Intake and aroud May to June for Autumn Intake.

Q: When will I get the admission documents?
A: The admission documents, including Admission Letter, Scholarship Confirmation and Visa Letter, will be delivered to you 1-2 months before the course starts.

Q: Why should I pay the service fee in advance?
A: Scholarship application takes time, effort and resource in both CUCAS and universities, and the process is irreversible. In case of casual applications and attempts, we charge service fee in advance. There is no extra cost or hidden charge.

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Click "Apply Now" button below and pay scholarship service fee. ( all available payment methods)

  • Step 2: Wait for the payment confirmation, then provide documents guidance. (including the application form)

  • Step 3: Submit documents and wait for result and admission documents (including admission letter, visa letter)

Deadline for Payment:   Jan 31, 2019
Deadline for Documents:   Jan 31, 2019
Scholarship Service Fee:   $500

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