Eligibility & Requirements

1.Full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and PHD candidates are eligible for the competition, who major in finance, financial engineering data science, mathematics, computer science, financial technology or related, Fintech enthusiasts are also eligible and welcome.

2.Individual and team participation are both acceptable. If participants register as a team, there shall be no more than 5 team members, including at least one undergraduate student and the other four team members shall have graduated from school for no more than three years.

3.One students can only join one team. After the preliminary competition, team members are not allowed to be changed. Participants should register with the name of their school, and one school may have more than one team.

4.Information for sign-up and all materials must be submitted online during the competition; the language used in the competition shall be Chinese and English, and all submissions and presentations must be in Chinese or English.


  • • Entry fee: Free
  • •Language: Chinese and English


Details and Regulations

4 Steps
  • • Sign-up: Participants should fill in the information of individual or team members on the website https://fintechcom.cuhk.edu.cn and upload materials of all team members as required.(Students should upload their students ID card,and graduates should upload graduation certificates.) After successfull sign-up,participants may select one from the six topics on the webpage and then submit their project plan within a specified period. The project plan may be submitted repeatedly within the specified time, and the final version submitted within the designed period shall be reviewed.
  • • Preliminary competition: After the deadline of sign-up, industry mentors will score the submitted project plans against the competition judging criteria. The top 30 projects will enter the semi-final. The results of the preliminary round will be released on our Wechat public account and the website.
  • 1Sign-up
  • 2Preliminary Competition
  • 3Semi-Final
  • 4Final & Awarding Ceremony
  • • Semi-final: All projects that have entered the semi-final shall be offered professional guidance from industry mentors in a one-to one fashion. Participants may modify or adjust their project plan on their own after being tutored by judges during this round, and they should submit their final project before the deadline of the semi-final. If the revised project plan was not resunmitted within the deadline of the semi-final,the project submitted by participants during the preliminary round will be reviewed and scored instead. The top 10 project plans will make it to the final. The results of the semi-final will be released on our Wechat public account and the website.
  • • Final & Awarding ceremony: The final shall take the form of on-site review and defense. Participants or teams that reach the final shall follow the model of "a eight-minute presentation and a tenminute defense;" Each project has eight minutes for presentation, and followed by a ten-minute defense, which shall include team introduction, cases presentation,project presentation, and interaction with judge, judges will give their scores on the spot and in combination with that of the semi-final, announce the final scores and the final fates.



1. During the competition, participating teams or individual can watch video of the six topics, as well as videos on how to operate relevant financial tools including Morningstar Direct.

2. During the competition, all participating teams or individuals can use Moringstar Direct to search for financial data and research reports for free.

3. All participating teams or individuals will get free professional tutoring from industry mentors.

4. Excellent participants may have the opportunity to get the internship or job offer from sponsors, co-organizers and inverstors of the competition.

5. Excellent participants may have the opportunity to join the research projects in Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK(SZ)

6.The top 3 participants shall enjoy free study tours to innocative technology enterprises based in Shenzhen and Hongkong.

7.The top 3 participants shall enjoy prority admission to the 2019 master programs and receive master program entry scholarship of Shenzhen Finance Institute,CUHK(SZ), if participants meet the entry requirements.

8. The top 3 participants shall have the priority to join the 2018 Summer camp of Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK(SZ), if participants meet the application requirements.

Internship Opportunity

• 招商证券 CMS • 中国人民银行 PBOC
• 来华留学招商网 CUCAS • 前海智库国际人才数据中心 QIANHAI THINK



  • Hotline: 0755-23372612
  • Wechat Public Account: fintechsfi-cuhksz
  • Email: fintech@cuhk.edu.cn

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