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Comment from Yevgeniy Grechka (Russia)

I just graduated from college and have a semester to myself before attending graduate school. I have already been in China quite a few times and I think it is a great place! I wanted to study Chinese for one more semester before perusing my graduate studies. However, many Chinese universities are hard to contact directly and it is hard to evaluate their study program. I found CUCAS through some searches in google for studying in China. CUCAS is exactly what I needed to apply to a school in China; it listed many different universities, their costs, their programs, and other details. I was really impressed with CUCAS's nicely organized and user-friendly website. 

That being said, there are still many things CUCAS can improve. The room costs that were advertised on the website were slightly inaccurate (advertised: 25 RMB/day, actual: 30 RMB/day), so it would be nice if CUCAS could stay updated on factual information such as exact costs. Furthermore, it would be nice if CUCAS had more explicit details on the study abroad programs (what books are used, how many different levels are there, student/teacher ratio, etc.). Besides this, the thing that will make this site so much better is just inclusion of more schools! From what I've seen, almost every school in China has some sort of program for international students to learn Chinese and the collection of schools on CUCAS represents only a small fraction of the total number of study abroad programs.

All in all my CUCAS experience was a positive one. If one wants to go study abroad in China the best thing is to have contacts in China who will tell you details of different programs, however for those without that luxury, CUCAS is the next best thing!

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