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About Malaysian Medical Council

Malaysian Medical Council

The principal aim of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) is to ensure the highest standards of medical ethics, education and practice, in the interest of patients, public and the profession through fair and effective administration of the Medical Act 1971 .

The MMC welcomes you to this website and trusts that the information you are seeking is available under the following relevant headings. Through this website the MMC aims to assist you in the following ways:

The MMC only registers doctors to practise medicine in Malaysia.

It does not:

Have responsibility over medical employment;

Make decisions regarding Malaysia’s medical workforce

Process applications for medical training in Malaysia

Provide continuing medical education courses or other medical training

Register health facilities or training institutions, drugs or medical equipments; nor

Endorse or recommend any doctors, medico legal advisors, expert witnesses or medical services.

The MMC is not able to offer information on subjects under the jurisdiction of other medical institutions or governments, such as:

medical advice

legal advice

information about job availability

hospitals for general or specialized experience;

opportunities for medical education or research;

the recognition accorded by other medical regulatory authorities or medical institution towards medical qualifications obtained abroad;

salaried employment, whether public or private;

scholarships or funding; or

requirements for specialist qualification.


To protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public in the practice of medicine, the Council

The core functions of the Council under the statute are as follows:

Registers only qualified doctors;

Prescribes and promulgates good medical practice:

Promotes and maintains high standards of medical education; and

Deals firmly and fairly with doctors whose fitness to practise is in doubt.

To authorise registration of medical practitioners;

To maintain a Medical Register of all registered medical practitioners in Malaysia;

To issue practicing certificates to registered medical practitioners;

To promote, recognise and accredit medical education and training programmes and institutions;

To determine and regulate the conduct and ethics of registered medical practitioners;

To consider the cases of medical practitioners who, because of some mental or physical condition, may be unfit to practise medicine;

To review the competence of medical practitioner;

To advise and make recommendations to the Minister of Health on matters relating to the practice of medicine in Malaysia; and

To perform such other functions so as to give effect to the Medical Act 1971 as may be prescribed in the Act or assigned by the Minister.


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