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Study in Jilin University
Jilin University
School Level: 985 Project
School Category: Comprehensive
School Attribute: Public
School Location: Urban

  • The best university in Jilin Province.

  • A member of National Project 985 and 211.

  • Ranking among top 10 in China and top 500 in the world.

  • The university has the largest enrollments and the largest area in China.

  • The English taught MBBS program should be the best choice for students from American, New Zealand and other countries where USMLE is valid. The teaching schedule is based on the American USMLE syllabus, holds 6-month special training program for USMLE.

  • The living expense in Changchun city (the capital of Jilin Province) is also quite low.

  • All of the teaching and administrative staff have been making efforts to achieve the objective and are doing their best to make the international students' study life here successful.

Study in JLU
Study in Changchun University
Changchun University
School Level: Ordinary
School Category: Comprehensive
School Attribute: Public
School Location: Urban

  • Changchun University is a multi-disciplinary university authorized by Jilin Provincial Government.

  • The fixed assets of university is about 0.55 billion. The value of Research Equipment is 77.69 million. The library as one of the best in Jilin province.

  • The Foreign Affairs Department and International Culture Exchange Institute obtain the honorable title for its outstanding work by Jilin Provincial Government for 10 years.

  • Changchun University is one of the 200 institutions that are authorized by the National Education Committee to accept foreign students.

  • At present, Changchun University has established ties with 39 universities from 12 nations.

  • Based on systematic management principles, the university focuses on innovation, discipline construction, and teacher-training in its development.


Study in CCU

Introduction of Comprehensive

A comprehensive university means the university provides a huge variety of different courses, programs. In recent years, most universities in China have many programs so most of them can be regarded as a comprehensive university. So the difference between normal university and comprehensive university seems like only the number of programs. Some popular comprehensive universities in China are: Beijing University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University.
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