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Study in Jilin University of Finance and Economics
Jilin University of Finance and Economics
School Level: Ordinary
School Category: Finance and Economics
School Attribute: Public
School Location: Suburb

  • Jilin University of Finance and Economics is a Jilin Province key university under the joint construction of Jilin Province People’s Government and the State Taxation Administration.

  • The university is committed to raising its competitiveness by scientific research.

  • According to the Phoenix Network, the employment rate and employment quality of our graduates in recent years was ranked No. 24 nationwide and No. 2 in northeast China among the non-"211" (top 100 universities in the 21st century) post-secondary schools.

  • The university values international exchange and cooperation, who has established intercollegiate ties with over 30 universities in 11 countries.

Study in JLUFE

Introduction of Finance and Economics

A Financial university in China is aimed to cultivate talents for China’s economic construction and social development. Students from financial universities may step into banks, financial department, and international trade companies to create value with their skills. Some popular financial universities in China are: University of International Business and Economics, Hebei University of Economics and Business and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.
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