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Study in Yanbian University
Yanbian University
School Level: 211 Project
School Category: Comprehensive
School Attribute: Public
School Location: Urban

  • It is a local comprehensive university with national characteristics and a key university in Jilin Province.

  • In December, it was approved by the State Department of “211 Project “to be one of a hundred universities for Chinese major investments of the 21st century.

  • The university has invited more than 200 famous experts and scholars from home and abroad to be honorary professors, part time professors, or guest professors.

  • Since its foundation in 1949, Yanbian University has trained 62,000 talents in a variety of fields.

Study in YBU
Study in Northeast Electric Power University
Northeast Electric Power University
School Level: Ordinary
School Category: Science and Engineering
School Attribute: Public
School Location: Urban

  • Northeast Dianli University is located at Jilin city, Jilin province, a beautiful city with fine sceneries.

  • Northeast Dianli University is one of the key universities in Jilin province.

  • In 2012, the university was selected as one of the key construction universities of "Midwest Universities’ Basic Capacity Construction Project"".

  • The university has 16 schools and departments, 41 undergraduate programs, covering 8 types of disciplines.

  • At present, NEDU has 5 special majors at the national level, and 4 courses of NEDU have been chosen as elaborate courses at the national level.

  • NEDU has 1 Experiment Education Model Center at the national level and 7 at the provincial level.

  • The university has actively conducted kinds of academic exchange and cooperation with colleges and universities in different countries.

Study in NEEPU

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